8 Most Used Online Payment Gateways

To run an e-commerce website, the entrepreneurs must learn about the online payment gateways. This may seem something complicated or complex, especially to the newbies who have just stepped-in the business. However, this is not the case! These gateways are no alien processor systems. They are only advance version of online banking, and best e-commerce payment solutionsthat keep your business, whether digital or physical, safe.

What are Online Payment Gateways


An online payment gateway service sends your entire credit transaction information to the official company of your credit card processors. To make the transaction sanctioned, they also send a message from your authorized processor to let you know that a sale has been made.

In simpler words, it is asoftware that routes transactions. It is achannel that connects thebusiness websites and the bank account that authorizes and declines thecustomer’s credit card payments.

In any e-commerce website, the final step for closing the sale goes through the passage of online payment gateway. In case if companies do not own one, then they will not be able to charge clients securely when services are purchased from their website.

Debit cards, credit cards, eCheck (ACH), and cryptocurrency like bitcoin, each of these currencies,are processed through the gateways mentioned above.

Coming to the main point, there are several applications out there that will provide you with e-commerce solutions, but not all of them are safe and can guarantee secure transactions. However, there is no need to panic! We have found out the eight most used online gateways that do not just provide secure transactions but are the best e-commerce solutions for you in this era.

8 Best Online Payment Gateways

1.   PayPal

The company that tops the list of best gateways is PayPal

Source: PayPal

The company that tops the list of best gateways is PayPal. PayPal is the most commonly used digital wallet, and the most heardname in the world. The company secures a prominent place and comes with easy to use, secure, and reliable services.

It is a proven fact that the websites which contain PayPal checkout options consist of an 82% higher conversion rate as compared to a site that does not have PayPal.

By having PayPal, you can work with the following resources:

.Credit cards
.Debit cards
.PayPal Credit

2. Stripe

The company which comes on the second position for the best payment processing solutions is Stripe

Source: Stripe

The company which comes on the second position for the best payment processing solutions is Stripe.It is one of the top methods on the market today because of its versatility.

Stripe is the renowned because of its multipurpose options. The company offers a vast range of advantages for business operators. It provides e-commerce shop choices, subscription services, or on-demand marketplaces. It also lets the website holders to set up recurring payments from the customers.

Adding in the list of advantages, Stripe also accept from all of the countriesall kinds of credit and debit cards including:

.American Express
.JCB (Japan)
.UnionPay (China)

3.   Apple Pay

Apple Pay is kind of a digital wallet for the users of iOS

Source: Apple Pay

Apple Pay is kind of a digital wallet for the users of iOS. Handlers that set Apple Pay in their devices can pay for the items within one click only.

Apple has a history of keeping information secure. So, there are absolutely no worries of security as well, as Apple Pay has all the dataprotected at all times.

Buyers can finalize the sale by just a tap or fingerprint. Furthermore, Apple Pay has also accepted in-person at mortar and brick stores. And the spotlighted part is that Apple doesnot charge any additional fees from merchants to accept Apple Payments.

4.   Masterpass

Masterpassis the best source for targeting customers that are the holders of the Mastercard

Source: Masterpass

Masterpassis the best source for targeting customers that are the holders of the Mastercard.

Masterpass provides fast and secure transactions for those who pay through e-commerce shops or mobile apps. The ones who already have the Masterpass set in their devices will not need to add their billing info and credit card numbers at each time of payment.

Furthermore, the payment method also comes with advanced security. The company also offers standard features such as fraud monitoring, user verification, and tokenization.The best part, there will be no additional fees if you accept Masterpass on your e-commerce site.

5.   Google Pay

Then comes the product of the most recognizable name that circulates around the world, Google Pay

Source: Google Pay

Then comes the product of the most recognizable name that circulates around the world, Google Pay.Tech giants such as Airbnb and StubHub have added Google Pay to their checkout processes and are benefitting at a great deal. It was observed that after assimilating the Google Pay API to their website, StubHub experienced a 600% increase in unique visitors that bought their services with Google Pay.

Looking for the best source of online payment processing solutions, visit https://www.empirepaytech.com/now.

6.   Braintree

Braintree is the specialist inmobile payments

Source: Braintree

Braintree is the specialist inmobile payments. It is one of the mostprevalentsolutions for processing financial transactions. The company is espoused by a vast number of reputed mobile companies that lie around the globe. The services of Braintree are available in 40 plus countries. Thus, it is considered as the most progressive digital payment solution of the times. However, each transaction done by Braintree will cost some charges.

7.   Visa Checkout

On number seventh comes Visa Checkout

Source: Visa Checkout

On number seventh comes Visa Checkout. Just like the services of mastercard, for visa customers, Visa Checkout is their digital wallet. Worldwide above 781 million people are using the Visa cards.

Also, the number of merchants that are using a Visa card for the payment method is constantly improving. It is estimated that over 300,000 businesses have now started to accept the Visa Checkout.So, it is safe to say, if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you must go for this service.

8.   Square

Last but not least,Square

Source: Square

Last but not least,Square. This gateway not only offers e-commerce options for the website but also assists in-person payments.

Square is the best solution for the companies that consists of physical retail locations but are planning to start online selling. Even though there isno monthly fee for adding the Square payment gateway as the transaction method to your website, however, they charge 2.9% + $0.30 on each transaction.


Know that the value of an e-commerce site is null unless it routes transactions safely and seamlessly. Online gateways are the safest and the quickest paths that secures online transactions. Choose from the ones above to experience easy plus secure transaction routing for your online business. Have happy e-commercing!

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