How Is Cash Advance the Best Mode of Financing for Any Business?

Cash inflows are a vital aspect that needs to be considered at all times for small and medium-sized businesses. A business that looks for inflows also has access to merchant Services in the USA, with cash advance being the most popular. An advance is essential for maintaining inventory and business growth and paying suppliers.

What is a Cash Advance?

A cash advance allows you to cash out from your credit card; it is a short-term loan, which is unlike the traditional commercial loan from banks. In simpler terms, think of using your credit for cash instead of buying goods or services.

An advance is widely used by merchants and small/medium business owners in the financial crisis. Although the entire concept sounds convenient but before you opt to buy one understand its basics.


Online Merchant Services Basics

The merchant cash advance gives an alternative to business funding and is an essential aid to entrepreneurs. As opposed to a conventional loan, the merchant service in the USA means buying some part of the future sales credit in return for a received lump amount when the contract is signed.

The cash advance provider holds the right to take out a part of the credit card sales of the business every month until the contracted, and the signed amount is reached.


How does Cash Advance Work?

It is a short-term loan that is offered by the credit card company

It is a short-term loan that is offered by the credit card company. You borrow money against your card’s line of credit.You can get cash advance in more than a couple of ways, like the one listed below.

At an ATM

If you have a secret pin for your credit card, then you can go to an ATM to get an advance. However, if you do not have a PIN code, then you can request to get one from the card issuer. It will take a few days to get you a PIN code; also note that there are limits to the withdrawal from the ATM.

Convenience Check

Your credit card might come with a convenience check which you can write whenever you want and get it deposited in your business account.


Simply apply online via Empire Paytech and get a cash advance.

With MCA,you can get an upfront sum of cash in exchange for your future credit. Instead of paying every month from a designated bank account with a repayment period, alternatively, with an MCA, you can make daily or weekly payments until the advance is fully paid with interest.

The amount of interest you will be paying depends on the risk assessment. Typically the interest factor ranges from 1.2 to 1.5; the higher the interest rate, the more you will payback. To make it simple, multiply the amount you want in advance with the interest factor rate and get your total to repay. For instance, an advance of $60,000 with an interest factor of 1.3 will represent a total repayment of $78,000, which includes the interest amount of $18,000 on your cash advance.

Why Borrowers Love Merchant Cash Advance?

Cash advances are one of the best arsenals to fight against financial crisis; borrowers rely heavily on advances due to many reasons; some are mentioned below.

Quick Cash Injection

MCA is the best option if you need a quick receipt injection in your company’s finances. Also, providers don’t go into lengthy paperwork; at times, they decide by simply looking at the business credit card payment receipts to determine if the owner can repay.

Lose Nothing

You might wonder how you would repay the advance if our business is not doing well, and you are in loss. Well, that is the best part of the merchant cash advance, they don’t need collateral, you will repay once you generate revenue that too in a fixed percentage of what decides during the contract negotiations.

Low Revenue, Adjusted Repayment

The repayment schedule on the advance is based on a fixed percentage of the revenue your company generates. So the repayment adjusts according to the revenue your business makes.


Advantages of Cash Advance Loan in Financial Hardships

Cash Advance

If used correctly, a cash advance can easily steer your company out from a financial crisis. You can understand it with this simple example. For instance, you did back-to-school shopping for your kids, and now the monthly bills are due, but you can’t cover them as you spent them already. Paying bills late will lead to a large surcharge and fines that can increase the original bill. In such circumstances, you can opt for a payday loan or cash advance to pay the bills and get back on track. Although there are fees associated with payday loans but those are less than the late fees.

Apply for Merchant Account Online

The funding will be swift, and the application process is straightforward. A commercial lender will evaluate the tax returns and financial statements, a merchant cash advance provider will think about two main facts: the monthly returns through credit cards and the length of the business.


No Specific Credit or Collateral Need

MCA is a relatively safe way to get cash injections in your company finances. Commercial loans from banks affect credit ratings; however, merchant cash advance completely depends on future sales, which is not listed on any credit report. Thus, losing collateral isn’t a risk, no matter what happens with the company.


Swift Cash Access

A cash advance is an easiest and fastest way to get fast access to easy money. There is hardly any paperwork needed, so the turnaround of the merchant cash advance is fast. The funding is granted within seven working days, which makes it an immediate funding injection into the company’s finances.


Easy Payoff Process

There is a massive setback of the commercial bank loan, especially when your business is not making sales and revenue; the company struggles to pay off monthly payments. Alternatively, with a cash advance, this is not a problem as repayments happen once your company starts making money.


High Approval Rate

Merchant cash advance has a higher approval rate as compared to commercial bank loans; it is noted that these inflows are rarely denied as negotiations undergo reasonable clauses.


A cash advance is a loan that can get you back on a budget. It is easy to apply and comes with reasonable clauses to direct the money straight to the company’s bank account. Stop lending money from your family or friends and get your budget on track with Empire Paytech.


While a commercial loan is inevitable in many circumstances, however, merchants prefer cash advance due to the aforementioned benefits.

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