How to Integrate Online Payment Gateways in your WordPress?

The Internet has eliminated the geographical barrier between business owners and their potential customers. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can live on some remote island or in the middle of a cold desert and sell your products to customers all around the world.

When it comes to owning online businesses, it is imperative to invest in the best eCommerce payment solutions so that sensitive information is passed securely from customers to the merchant and vice versa.

PayPal is such a name that comes in mind that has a significant contribution to the online payment processing solutions. With a single click only, you can now send and receive money virtually with this online processing service without even giving your financial information every time you make a purchase.

However, if you are using your WordPress site to get payments online, here are some ways for integrating PayPal payments to your website.

Using the PayPal. Me

PayPal, in 2015, launched for ordinary people getting paid using a simple web address. The first thing to do for using it is registering your name as the address, and you receive a unique link that you can use to ask for online payment processing. The link can be something like this “”

Simply add the amount of money to this link. For instance, if I am to get 10 dollars, the link can be modified like this, “”. The ten here represents the amount.

When the person who is to send you the money clicks on this link and goes to the given address, he/she will reach a responsive page where the 10 dollars can be sent. You can add the link to your WordPress post or can insert it into an email, message, or a tweet.


The PayPal Donations Plugin

The PayPal Donations plugin cab be customized to accept all kinds of payments. Just like the Quick PayPal payment, this plugin also uses shortcode and also comes with a ready-to-use WordPress widget, which can be used in the widget area or in the sidebar.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, go to “settings” and then “PayPal Donations” to customize the payment.


WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Plugin

If you have run a huge business and have multiple products to sell either physical or digital, the above-mentioned plugins will not be enough, and you would have to add a shopping cart plugin.

By adding the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin to your website, visitors can view all the products to be sold. Every product selected will automatically be added to your shopping cart, and via PayPal, the payment processing can be made quick and easy.

Here is how by following ten simple steps, you can activate and install the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin

Here is how by following ten simple steps, you can activate and install the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart plugin:

Step 1: Go to The Plugins Page

Open your WordPress site and navigate to the plugins page and then click on the “Add New” Option. You will have three options in total, namely “Installed Plugin,” “Add New,” and “Editor.”


Step 2: Select the “Add New” Option

On the top left side of the page in the Plugins Page, click on “Add New.”


Step 3: Add “Simple PayPal Shopping Cart” in the search bar

You will see a search bar on your left that says “Search Plugins,” type the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart and click Install to proceed.


Step 4: Confirm the Installation

After you have clicked the “Install Now” option, you will be asked to confirm the installation. Click on “OK” to move onto the next step.


Step 5: Plugin Needs to Be Activated

On getting the plugin installed successfully, you will now be asked to activate the plugin or return to the plugin installer. Click on “Activate Plugin” and wait for few seconds.


Step 6: Configuration of the Plugin:

Once the plugin is installed and activated, the next thing to proceed with is going back to the dashboard and click on “Settings” below the “Users” and “Tools” option. A window bar will open, asking you to choose from 6 to seven options. If you can see the “WP Shopping Cart” in the list, select it, and the configuration is done.


Step 7: Add Your Information Now

You will have to fill in all the information from the PayPal email address to the name of your shopping cart. Also, add the currency and other significant pieces of data required in the form.

Adding the currency of your choice is the best part of such online payment processing solutions. And when it comes to PayPal,the majority of the people would vote it as the best eCommerce payment solutions you can use.


Step 8: Time to Add A Post

If you are done filling out all the essential information and have moved back to your dashboard, you will find the “Posts” bar with several other options such as Media, Comments, Appearance, and many more.

Click on “Add New” and proceed.


Step 9: Time to Fill Out the Product Information

You now are to type the name of the desired product that will go on your e-store along with the description and price. If you are sure of this description, price and title, proceed with “Publish,” if you have second thoughts or might change the description, click on “Save Draft” and publish when fully satisfied.


Step 10: Time for the Widget and You are Done!

After publishing the products with their price, you now will go to the “Appearance” Bar just where you changed the settings. On clicking it, a small window with 5 to 6 options will appear on your screen.

Click on “Widgets” and activate it by dragging the shopping cart widget to the sidebar. Now click on the “Save” button to finish.

Well, that was easy and quick. If you wish to preview, this post goes to the “Add to Cart” button and click on it to add it to the shopping cart on your sidebar.

The online payment processing solutions are critical for your potential customers on your eCommerce site, and integrating it in WordPress is a great idea to earn big in no time. However, in order to get most of it, you should always go for a powerful WordPress payment gateway plugin, which allows credit card payment processing solutions and ebt card processing for the transaction.

What do you consider as one of the best online payment processing solutions, and why?

Let us know if you found this article helpful in the comments section below.

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