Why is Clover POS the best POS System Available?

Running a business is not easy. All the hassle associated with managing customers and employees – regardless of their number, makes it a daunting task for the entrepreneurs – especially the ones who have just started.


A great business must offer both cash and non-cash payment methods. This is more likely to persuade customers to purchase as most of them now prefer making purchases through debit or credit cards. Thanks to the convenience it provides.


With time, technology has created unprecedented opportunities for businesses to help them better market and communicate their products. However, it placed a burden of legwork on businesses.


Provided the technological advancements and intense competition in the last few years, it has become difficult for businesses to deliver top-notch customer services.


Ever since Clover Point of Sale System’s inception in 2014, it has become one of the most used POS systems by small to medium entrepreneurs. Thanks to its much convenient and easy-to-use system, which has made entrepreneurial experience much less painful for many business out there.


The system comes with customized hardware peripherals depending upon the business type and is highly regarded by businesses for providing robust real-time solutions.


The system provides both server and web-based deployment options. It also allows accessibility from smartphones.


Apart from managing inventory, editing menus, Clover POS system offers excellent services regarding staff management. With Clover, you will be able to handle your business effectively. Thanks to the activity report and insights it delivers. The software also allows payment facilities from various sources, including credit and debit cards and Apply Pay.


The Clover POS is adaptable and widely used by many industries today, including retail, restaurant, hospital, and service industries.




Clover systems provide Point-of-sale solutions in a variety of models that allows businesses to accept payments from non-cash sources, including debit, credit, and gift cards.

  • Station
  • Flex
  • Mini
  • Pro
  • Station Pro


Sophisticated & Professional

Depending on the type of industry a business operates in, sometimes it becomes a necessity to give special attention to a business’s overall aesthetics. Take a lavish restaurant, for instance, you would ensure that your staff acts professionally and your interiors are sophisticated to give that impression. In such an industry, a sleek-looking POS system such as Clover will fit very nicely – adding value to the overall aesthetic. The design of clover is quite similar to Apple’s POS system with an iPad. It is much sturdier and more professional than the latter.


Super Customizable!

Clover provides the opportunity where you can tailor their systems according to your business’s requirements. It allows convenient customizing your Clover POS software with your Café’s features, inventory management, payroll, online or takeaway orders, scheduling, etc. For further convenience, it offers low monthly software fee installments, which makes it the most preferred choice by businesses. Developers are even allowed to create new apps and integration using the open API.

Apart from customizing your software, Clover offers tons of add-ons to customize your hardware system to do just about anything. For instance, you can add a weight scale or Clover Flex to accept NFC payments. Or, if you want to operate using non-cash payment methods, Clover Mini is the best choice for you.


Modern All-In-One System

The system focuses both the experienced and newbie entrepreneurs. Even if you have no experience of using POS experience, you will still be able to understand how Clover works. It’s that simple.


The short learning curve offers convenient training and management of employees. Exclusive features, including fingerprint login on the clover station for each employee has made the overall experience a breeze. Now you don’t have to worry about buying your hardware elements from different sources and hope it’s all compatible; Clover has everything you need to get your business going.


The Clover POS systems happily embrace modern technology and promise to facilitate payments effectively and reliably – ensuring maximum security to the customers’ data. The software eradicates the need for terminals, barcode scanners, large cash registers, and receipt printers, thereby saving cost and making it easier for businesses to get information just by swiping customers’ debit and credit cards.


Cloud-Based POS Systems

The system is not just sleek and sophisticated; it’s more than that. When we say its all a business could ask for, we mean it. Packed with the latest technology, the robust system is cloud-based, where you can secure delicate information regarding customers’ payments and employees online. Not only that, but clover also allows businesses to accept all kinds of payments, including Apple pay.


Flexible and Mobile

The fast and powerful Clover system allows accepting payments, not just from your business unit but from wherever your customer happens to be.


The Clover products allow maximum mobility. Clover Mini can be availed unplugged ( for example, to take payments while delivering food to customers’ doorstep), and the Clover Flex is even more flexibles as it allows scanning inventory or line-busting on an all-day charge.


While Clover is an all-out solution, there are a number of other POS systems in the industry as well. Let`s have a quick head-to-head matchup for Clover against the other systems available in the industry.



The hardware provided by square is mainly responsible for allowing businesses to process card transactions through its POS. Its system works through an application which can efficiently run on smartphones or tablets. Square is mainly used by small businesses, and being versatile, it blends well with any kind of business. When compared to Square, the ideal number of users Clover can cater to is 1-1000, while Square only handles half of this figure. With respect to ease of usage for the seller, both have well-put formats.


Clover uses an original-style comprehensive interface which is buildable if your type of business requires a certain level of functionality, whereas Square uses a simple format. The interface is convenient to use and provides seamless navigation. Square also aids secure connectivity with accessories such as hooking up the hub, plug connectors etc. Clover and Square both accept all payment types and forms, including credit, debit, gift cards, and mobile payments, as well as work with Megastripe, chip, and NFC. In addition to all this, both provide reports and analytics for you to keep a track on.


Clover provides comprehensive pricing plans with a flat monthly rate, while Square offers a simple pricing structure. However, it varies from the type of requirement you need to fulfill for your business. In this regard, Square counts as the pricier option than Clover.



Shopify is a shopping cart solution, which allows users to add store data, products, and process orders. Shopify has an easy to learn interface, with several features and add-ons which can drastically improve the website. Anyone can get their online store up and running in no time. However, while Shopify is only best for new and online businesses, and its POS is confined to retail organizations, Clover is ahead in the game.


Clover serves all types of small to medium businesses including but not limited to, quick and full-service restaurants, service businesses, boutique retailers, and those looking to accept payments. When it comes to providing features, Shopify has some limitations.

Unlike Clover, Shopify doesn’t feature Commission Management, Loyalty Programs, Multi-location, Restaurant POS, Retail POS, and Return Management. Compared to other systems, Shopify lacks employee management tools as well. It requires the use of Shopify Payment Processor and charges fees per transaction if an external payment gateway is used. Both systems work well with Windows, Mac, and Linux.


CLOVER VS Swipesimple

SwipeSimple’s POS app works on both Apple and Android devices, offering a broad category of features. It is easy to access and log in and is optimized for tablets and mobile devices, both. SwipeSimple can be accessed through multiple merchant accounts at a time, integrating all transaction details like amount, signature, items, and their SKU details.


With a cloud-based inventory, it holds the ability of bulk uploads across devices. SwipeSimple also conveniently allows sending receipts through text and E-mail. It allows customers to pay with a credit card in a way that is secure and intuitive for employees to use. It provides on-the-go service, being present on mobile. However, if you practice the majority of your business online or use a payment processor outside SwipeSimple’s partner network, this might not be your best bet. They are sold exclusively by third party merchant acquirers or payment processing providers.


On the contrary, Clover provides a suite of POS solutions to cater to your small businesses in-store, mobile, and online credit card processing and can easily be purchased. Unlike Clover, SwipeSimple lacks in providing customer support 24/7, so you might not be able to solve a problem quickly. Furthermore, SwipeSimple does not clarifies how much it costs until you contact one of their representatives or partners.



To sum it up, being feature-rich and packed with several built-in capabilities, Clover POS system makes your business more efficient by speeding up the process. It provides the leverage of unlimited users, and easily integrates with other clover devices. With an integrated EMV chip and signature, it adds a double layer of protection. Clover caters to your business needs; for instance, it provides a custom-designed app for restaurants, which makes tasks such as seating guests, managing tables, taking orders, and accepting payments quick and effortless. Clover is compatible with several peripherals, including barcode scanners, weight scales to kitchen printers, among others. Clover is the best recommended, an all in one solution for your growing business needs.

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