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How you can protect your company against chargeback?

Any company that receives a massive number of credit card orders, faces a grave threat of chargebacks. If you’re unaware, a chargeback is when a customer reverses any payment against an order they ...
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Which Online Payment System is better? PayPal, Due, Apple Pay, or Square?

Whether you are out grocery shopping with your cash at home or you want to send money to your daughter at college, the easier it is to transfer money, the better. With the rise in technological ...
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How to Integrate Online Payment Gateways in your WordPress?

The Internet has eliminated the geographical barrier between business owners and their potential customers. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can live on some remote island or in th...
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What are merchant services, and why are they essential for online businesses?

The business world has evolved drastically. In the past, people business preferred cash payments over anything, but times have changed.   Entrepreneurs want to offer all kinds of payment...
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Payment Gateway 101: Importance, structuring, value and support

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway is a digital tool best suited for online businesses. It falls among the list of online payment processing solutions that acce...
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