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Does this look too much? Is this not what was promised when you signed up the account?
Do you want to save more and lower your rates? At Empire Paytech, our mission is to provide
accurate information by providing Transparent Rates, no hidden fees and to find a way to
lower your current effective rate.

Bakery POS System and Online Credit Card Solutions | EmpirePayTech

You can help your business to progress and evolve with Empire Paytech's smart and convenient CLOVER POS for bakeries

    Bakery and Bread shops profit most when the transaction time is curtailed.
    It all boils down to profit. Empire Paytech’s bakery CLOVER POS is fashioned
    to do that precisely, and you get the maximum monetary value per hour
  • Upsurge Income
  • Every Sale is Valuable
  • Expand, Evolve and Track Even When You are Free
  • Keep Customers Happy
  • Every Sale is Valuable

    You can keep the whole system organized and running on its
    own when you are out there making sales. Empire Paytech’s bakery
    and bread POS system is dependable, and you will always be at
    peace while using it.

  • Expand, Evolve and Track Even When You are Free

    Fine-tune your menu with astute data with the help of Empire Paytech.
    Keep connected through your desktop or smartphone and monitor your
    bread and bakery throughout the day, and keep track of all your
    inventory and sales.


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