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Does this look too much? Is this not what was promised when you signed up the account?
Do you want to save more and lower your rates? At Empire Paytech, our mission is to provide
accurate information by providing Transparent Rates, no hidden fees and to find a way to
lower your current effective rate.

Merchant Accounts, POS Terminals For Comic and Book Stores

Dive into the world of comics & books while raising sales with Empire Paytech’s POS system.

  • Fast Transactions

    If you are looking for quick and fast transactions,
    custom features of Empire Paytech’s comic &
    book shop POS system, make it viable for you.
    Transactions are speedy and customers are jubilant.

  • Augmented Revenues

    You can augment your revenues very easily now
    with Empire Paytech’s POS terminal. It helps
    preserve a record of lucrative items in your shop
    and highlights the items that need to be replaced.

  • Competent Comic & Bookshop Management

    With the Empire Paytech’s POS systems, you can easily keep a check on sales in real time,
    your staff’s check-ins and a lot more using your smartphone or desktop.

  • Hit the roof with Sales

    Apply in-built tools of Empire Paytech’s POS systems to help keep your comic
    & book shop visible and keep the customers come back repeatedly.


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