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Does this look too much? Is this not what was promised when you signed up the account?
Do you want to save more and lower your rates? At Empire Paytech, our mission is to provide
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Clover Flex Terminals and Merchant Services For Grocery Stores


  • Bring your supermarket & grocery store’s
    profit marginsup with Empire Paytech POS for
    grocery stores.

    With the help of Empire Paytech’s supermarket & grocery store Clover POS terminal,
    you can raise your profit margins as the CLOVER POS system is user-friendly and
    speeds up the checkouts. Happy grocer is equal to a happy customer.

  • Prompt Transactions with Easy Check-outs
  • Curate the Most Profitable Supermarket & Grocery Store
  • Share your workload
  • Gain insight into your business
  • Share your workload

    From licenses to distributors, vivid customer displays, and beyond, you have
    enough to do. POS terminal of Empire Paytech automates onerous chores, like
    accounting and staff management, for you.

  • Gain insight into your business

    Empire Paytech POS systems are fashioned to give you valuable insight into
    your supermarket & grocery store’s performance. Glean in depth about the
    sale of different grocery items, staff’s performance and the store’s profits, and much more.


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